Stripe is an international payment channel that offers global integration in transactions. Check the main questions regarding the integration between Stays and the channel.

How do I register my establishment on Stripe?

Registration is done via the Stripe website, and you must have a bank account and proof of residence. Check if your country is part of the affiliates.

What technical information is needed to integrate Stripe with Stays?

You must have the Public Live Key and Secret Live Key. This information forms the API key of the channel and is necessary to connect Stays to the payment channel.

Does Stripe accept international credit cards?

Yes, it does. This is the main feature of the channel. However, to accept cards from Europe, some security settings need to be made.

What is Stays' responsibility in relation to transactions made on the channel?

Stays acts in the integration between the platforms, but the validation or not of the data provided by the guest is the exclusive responsibility of Stripe.