As an expanding channel in the market, PagSeguro is a channel marked by simple registration and competitive transaction fees.

The connection with PagSeguro is through the LightBox version and with that, you will be able to offer guests the option of payment by bank slips, credit and debit cards.

Unlike other channels, if you offer an option for banks slips, credit and debit cards, it is not necessary to create other channels with the same API key!
Just check if your PagSeguro account is configured to receive these types of transactions!

Check out the main questions registered about the channel below:

Additional Material
How to create an account on PagSeguro?Gather your key information and register from their website.REGISTER
What technical information is needed to integrate PagSeguro to will ask for the [Security Token] of your PagSeguro account.SEE DETAILS
How is the PagSeguro purchase routine on my website?By enabling the channel, your website will have a PagSeguro window integrated into the purchase process, where the user will be able to pay.SEE DETAILS
What is Stays' responsibility in relation to transactions carried out on the channel? acts in the integration of the interface between the platforms, but the validation or not of the data provided by the guest is the exclusive responsibility of PagSeguro.SEE DETAILS

Now that you know the main information about our integration with PagSeguro, how about activating it on your website?