In order to optimize the process of offering accommodation options for telephone or email inquiries, the "Booking offer" tool presents to your potential client in a personalized way the options available for the period in question. It will be necessary for the guest to inform the desired date of stay and an email, it is also possible to use more information to refine the search and offer such as number of guests, desired neighborhood, number of rooms, among others.

How to create an Offer:

  1. Go to [Offer & Promotions> Booking Offers];
  2. Use the filters on the left side of the screen to start your search, remembering that through the "More Options" button you will see additional filters to refine the results;
  3. After generating the list it is possible to change the order of the properties, thus highlighting their best properties, or clicking the red "trash" button and remove the property from this list;
  4. After defining the products and the display order, you can generate a link to send directly to your customer or send an email containing a proposal preview.

To know the next step in the offer, click the link below:



How do I change the order of the items in the Offer?
You can manually position the order of items using the button located on the left side of the image. When your mouse cursor is in "cross arrow" format, simply click and drag the item to the desired position.

You can also sort by some criteria such as "Total" (value), "Rating" or "Code". In this case, just click on the name of the desired column.

I have a property available for the period I have searched but it does not appear in the list on the screen. Why?
If you have not clicked on the red "trash" button before, your product may be without price for the requested period or without the maximum number of people registered in the system. If even with this information your property and availability your property does not appear, please see if you have not checked any additional filters. If you have not, please activate our Support Team!

I do not yet have the domain of my migrated site, but I would like to use the tool. It's possible?
Yes. At the end of the construction of your Offer, simply send the link through the "Get Booking Offer Link" button. In this case, for Reservations conversions it is indicated that you have a Payment Channel already properly enabled on your site and that your properties are available for Reservations via Website.