Using promotional codes is a great way to capitalize and retain customers for your brand.

How do I create or search for a promotional code?

  1. Go to the "Offers and Promotions" menu and go to the "Promotional Codes" option.

  2. Then note that you can search for existing codes or create a new one by clicking on "+Promotional Code".

General Settings

  1. Activate your code by clicking the "YES" option.
  2. Apply the name, which will be the "Password" for your guest or agent to apply the discount. Usually they are words without spaces, like our example "CREATINGACODE".
  3. The "Type" field defines whether the discount will be in "%" or an amount
  4. "Uses Count" determines the maximum amount of code usage. This option is valid for actions such as "The first 30 bookings made receive a 30% discount", for example. If this does not apply, simply leave the field empty.
  5. It is also possible to define if the code can be applied in reservations that have applied promotions, that is, its original price would be $ 800, you made a promotion that reduced the value to $ 600. If your code gives a 10% discount, if you check yes, the guest would pay $ 540 in the reservation, if not, the code will not be applied and your guest would pay $ 600.

Additional Restrictions

In addition to the General Settings, we have more specific settings that you can activate or not.

1. Usability Restrictions

Refers to the validity of the code and is usually presented as the extra information of the promotional action. Here you can define the validity of the code, that is, the period that it can be applied to the bookings. It is also possible to restrict the days of the week, that is, conditions of type "Promotion valid only for reservations with stays between Tuesday and Friday". If one of the conditions does not apply, just leave it blank.

2. Reservation Restrictions

Limit the period check-ins or check-outs of reservations, as well as determine if the reservation needs to have a minimum stay.

  1. The valid date fields for check-ins or check-outs establish the range where the promotional reservations are accepted. Usually the low season periods or last units available at major events.
  2. The "Invalid check-in or check-out dates" fields apply when the user has set up valid valid dates but in the time period there is a period of time for which you want to restrict. Let's take an example: I post that I accept check-ins from 01/12 to 28/02 but I restrict the New Year period.
  3. The "Minimum Stay" defines if the guest must meet a minimum number of nights in the Stay to obtain the discount. If any of the fields do not apply, leave it blank.

3.Product Restrictions

Determines whether all your products will be available in the promotion or only certain segments. For the seasonal rental we have the option of targeting exclusive or Firmly Rented and in addition, for all types of business we have the option of "Property Category", defined by the type of accommodation (example: 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms) and also by accommodation groups, which are editable product targets that you can make. Example: Valid only for properties of type "Adventurer".

4.User Restrictions

In this block it is possible to strengthen the relationship with your guests, creating promotional actions according to segments of your client portfolio or for personalized negotiations.

  1. The user field determines whether all users can apply code or only specific clients or emails.
  2. The "Minimum reservations" field determines whether the discount will be given only to the most loyal customers. A practical example would be an action of type "After the fifth booking with us you get 15% discount on the next ones." This can help, for example, in attracting travelers from business tourism.
  3. The field "pre-invest" to give discounts to customers that spend a certain amount on bookings.
  4. The "Max User" field restricts the maximum number of guests in the reservation,like the promotion is only valid for bookings with up to 04 guests.

Note: Remember that each restriction block has a "Save" button, do not forget to save your changes!


Is it possible to see where the Promotional Codes have been applied?

Yes. When accessing an existing Promotional Code, you can check the "find" button at the top of the screen, where the list of Reserves where the code was applied will be displayed.

Is it possible to edit the existing Promotional Codes?

Yes. Changes made will only apply to future uses.

Is it possible to delete existing Promotional Codes?

Yes, but the discounts already granted will continue normally. The action would only apply to future cases.