This tool is an alternative payment to be made in your site. Thorugh the Reservation page, the company will be able to create a payment link for the guest, followed by a message to the user, so, the guest will be redirected to the Payment Channel to complete the 


How can I send the Payment Link ?

  1. Access the Reservation Page you want;

  2. Click on the button “Add Payment”, located on the bottom, righ side of the screen;

  3. Select the option "Payment Link";

  4. On the next screen, choose the guestor person that will make the payment, the value and the payment link expiration date and, after that, click on the button "Generate Link"

  5. Click on “Send Message” in case you want to send an e-mail to the guest or just click on “Save without sending” if you have already copied and sent the e-mail by yourself.

After the payment link generation, this will be alocated to the next payments made and will be possible to track if the link has been sent (if it has been done by e-mail) and if the user opened the link


How can I configure the messsage that will be send to the user with the payment link?

The message is create by the e-mail template "booking_payment_link". In this e-mail, it's very important to have the variable {{reserve_payment_link}} that will be the link in question and {{reserve_payment_link_expire_date}}, which is the payment link expire date.

Is it necessary to be logged in the website to make the payment through the payment link?

No.The user just need to click on the link and be redirect to the final payment screen.

Besisdes the e-mail template, is there any other condition to create payment links?

Yes, it's very important when using this tool to have online payment channels in your website. For that, you must go to [Channels & Tools> Payment Gateways> Online Payment].