Tool applicable to customers working with Tariff Groups and wish to have room for maneuvering guest relocation and Reservation management. Such a resource is used in the Hospitality to have greater flexibility for contingencies and maintain real estate available for eventual sales at the counter.

How do I hide the availability of a property in the Sales Channels?

  1. Go to [Accommodations> Accommodations] and see the list items;
  2. In products with the button "Building", just click on the option;
  3. In the Accommodations menu, you will see the accommodations inside the selected building;;
  4. Access the desired Tariff Group;
  5. Define which accommodations should be visible or not, with the button with the "eye" icon.


How do I see if the accommodation is hidden or not on the Extranet?
Next to the accommodation in question, in the Tariff Groups screen, clicking on the eye turns on and off your view on the site.

For which sales channels does this feature apply?
The tool applies to and Expedia, sales channels that support this type of sale.

Is the configuration transmitted to Channel Managers automatically?
Yes. Stays has a constant availability update mechanism and the information will be sent in the next availability update of the accommodation. If it is a change where the result needs to be obtained in an emergency, you should send the availability update manually via the Channel Manager screen within Stays.