The channel pays one day after the check-in. 


  • Bank transfer: the payment takes place on the 4th Friday of the month, and refers to all reservations with checkout up to 18 days before that date. 
  • Typed sales: Despegar sends you a virtual credit card for the amount that must be charged to the guest, with the channel commission already deducted. At check-in, you must enter the reservation page and make the charge using the sales number entered. It is necessary to use channels compatible with digital sales, such as Mercado Pago, Cielo or The card is valid for charging from the day of check-in and up to 30 days after checkout.


  • Bank transfer: you will get the payment after guests checkout. Payments take place weekly (every Thursday) or monthly (until the 15th of each month), depending on the location of your property. They may be temporarily blocked until the location of your property is verified.
  • Typed sales: when you get your payments via virtual credit card (VCC), Booking loads the amount received from the guest onto this VCC, which serves as payment for the reservation. You charge it the same way you would a regular credit card, and each VCC has its own activation date (which is when you can charge it).

Source: Booking


  • Expedia Collect: when you receive an Expedia Collect reservation, the channel sends a confirmation with the Expedia Virtual Card (EVC) number already loaded with the payment amount for that reservation. When the guest checks out, you charge the reservation amount to EVC and the payment is automatically transferred to your bank account after being processed by the bank. You do not need to issue an invoice.
  • Expedia also allows you to collect payment from the guest at checkout and then send the commission to the channel.

Source: Expedia

Temporada Livre

Since there is no instant reservation on the channel, the payment is obtained by the reservation agent or owner.