Despegar offers you two options to receive for reservations:

  • Bank transfer: payment always takes place on the 4th Friday of the month, and refers to all reservations with checkout up to 18 days before that date;
  • Virtual card: Despegar sends you a virtual credit card for the amount that must be charged to the guest, with the channel commission already deducted. At check-in, you must enter the reservation page and make the charge using the sales number entered.

If you choose virtual credit card, it is necessary to use compatible channels with typed sales (Mercado Pago, Cielo, or Stripe).

Frequently asked questions about charges via Despegar 

What is the card's expiration date?

The card is up to be charged from the check-in day and up to 30 days after the checkout.

I could not see the card on Stays; What should I do?

You can also see it through the Despegar extranet - choose the desired reservation page and click on [See details > Virtual card]and on the [Virtual card] link.

What does the charged amount mean on the Stays App Center?

It is the referred amount to the channel's commission. The remaining open amount is the available amount on the virtual card to charge.

Are the fees already included in this payment? 

If the fees are registered, they are included in the amount that the guest pays. Consequently, they are also in the amount to be forwarded by virtual credit card. It is important to remember that the commission is calculated on the reservation's total amount (rates and fees).  

Is the card domestic?

Reservations can be made with domestic or international card, depending on the country's emission. All cards are from the channel and not from the customer, but it is necessary that the charging's channel allows typed sales of both domestic and international cards.