After installing Mercado Pago on your, the channel will be available in several areas related to guest charging.

See in more details the result of the integration in the different ways of charging guests:

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Typed sales

Regarding the typed sales flow, Mercado Pago will be listed as channel options within the Reservation Page and you will be able to identify the channel according to the internal name you entered when creating the channel on your

The behavior on the website

From the Pro plan, you can define the behavior on your website from the option below in the configurations of the integration with Mercado Pago (Financial menu > Auxiliaries > Accounts & Gateways > configuration screen of Mercado Pago installed):

Option YES
Option NO
Upon completion of the Reservation, users will be redirected to a Mercado Pago environment that will have different options for charging the amount and at the end of the process, users will return to their website, for the purchase process.
Users will remain on the site, but will only have the option of adding credit card data and validating the data with Mercado Pago, which means fewer payment options for the consumer.
These will be the same effects regarding the Payment Links or Reservation Finder flow.
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