During the first steps after contracting your Stays.net, you will be guided to Stays Admin, which is an operational support tool for you and our team.

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What is Stays Admin?

Stays Admin is a portal aimed at Stays account administrators where it is possible to choose payment methods, control old and future invoices, in addition to other management tools that will be available soon.

One of the main features present is the automated charge of the monthly fee on your credit card, so you do not have to worry about delays and paying unnecessary penalties.

How do I create my Stays Admin account?

After contracting Stays.net, you will receive an email with user registration instructions from a link named Create Account

How to access my invoice?

You can access your Invoice from the menu at the top right, click on Invoices from your Stays Admin portal and check the list, according to the example below:

For Bank slip payments, how do I access and how can I pay it?

You will receive the Bank slip in your email monthly, on the 27th.

You can also access the Bank slip via the main menu Next Invoice > Go to Invoices and when you find the open invoice, just click PAY.

You can pay the Blank slip in cash at lotteries, instant payments system or even via credit card.

Is it possible to automate the charge on my credit card

This is the most comfortable choice, it is simple and fast!

Just go to the Payment Methods menu, register your card details there and then save it.

The system is safe and reliable, and your card data will be protected by encryption, in accordance with the users' information protection practices.

How can I change my registered credit card details?

Go to the menu on the right sidebar Payment Methods, choose the desired card and click Edit. A window will pop up over Payment method information and then select the Edit/Delete information option.

How can I view the history of my paid Invoices?

On the portal's main panel, go to the Go to Invoices menu.

If the Invoice is already paid, you will have access to the Invoice corresponding to it.

If it is not paid, the Invoice will have the Delayed status and then you can make the payment via Bank slip or wait for the automatic charge to your credit card, if you have registered on the platform.