To help you with the connection process with sales channels, it is important that you know which policy will be adopted by each channel at the moment the guest makes the reservation.

One of the possible models is the Instant Reservation. This means that the guest will be able to book directly through the channel, without the need to contact the host to validate or approve the reservation.

See below the sales channels that support Instant Reservation:

Sales channel
AirbnbIt is possible to activate the Instant Reservation option on the channel.
Before making the reservation, the guest must fill out some requirements set by Airbnb such as Full Name, Contact Information and Payment Information, besides accepting the House Rules.
BookingCurrently accepts only Instant Reservations.
Guests also must fulfill some requirements such as Verified Phone Number or Addresses, Payment Information, among others.
DespegarThe channel supports only Instant Reservations.SEE DETAILS
VrboThe channel makes it possible to activate the Instant Reservation.
Guests must fulfill the requirements of the House Rules, besides the established Terms and Policies.
ExpediaThe channel also accepts Instant Reservations, if the guest fulfills the requirements.
TripAdvisorThe Instant Reservation feature can only be activated by accounts that fulfill the following prerequisites: acceptance rate of 75%, having received at least three reservations in the last two years, having a free listing plan and having a cancellation rate of up to 20%.
Currently, the channel does not accept new connections.
Homes & VillasThe channel supports only Instant Reservations.
HousiThe channel works only with Instant Reservation. However, if necessary, the Housi Marketplace team will be able to intermediate the communication between guest and host for negotiations.
Remember that to expand the range of sales channels, has the feature to avoid last minute reservations, which ensures an operational margin, so you do not receive unforeseen reservations that conflicts with your operations.
If this is what stops you from connecting to the channels, check out more details on the link below and proceed with your connection with them! I want to know more...

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