By using, you will be able to import your Airbnb listings to our platform and start your implementation process in a simpler way!

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To have your Airbnb listings on, it is necessary to perform the following actions:

Linking the Airbnb account to Stays to give access to the content

First it is necessary to link your Airbnb account, where your listings are registered, to the system. To do this, access the [Channel Managers > Airbnb > Account] menu. Enter a reference name for the account identification and click on [Next]. Then, click on [Conectar com o Airbnb].

If you are already logged into your Airbnb account, you will be automatically redirected to your channel page. Otherwise, log in normally to your Airbnb account.

From the moment that the account is linked to the system, by decision of the Airbnb channel, the commission model will be automatically changed to the Simplified Pricing program, where 15% commission will be charged to the host.
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Starting to import listings

After performing the previous process, return to the system in the [Channel Managers > Airbnb > Listings] menu and click on the [Import Listings] option. Select the desired account. You will have the option to import all the listings from the account or import only specific listings. Then, click on [Import].

During the price import, you will need to indicate to the pricing policy, since the prices that will be imported will be the ones that are advertised on Airbnb, that is, that usually already have a profit margin applied, so it is necessary to choose the % price reduction to the original amount and check the % increase we will make when sending the prices back to the channel:

Regarding applying a profit margin to the prices to be submitted from Stays to Airbnb, as well as to other sales channels, use your External Price Correction tool.
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Checking out the imported content

Finally, when the import is finished, go to the [Listings] system menu. Your listing will already be in your system, just access it, by clicking on [Details]. However, we recommend you to check some items to ensure that your registration is completely filled.

Check out the information below:

Listing TypeCheck if the typology of your listing matches.
LocationCheck if your listing's Address has been imported correctly. You may need to correct the [Neighborhood] field, because the channel will not send this information. 
RoomsCheck if all the Rooms are compatible. It is possible that, during importation, some rooms reach the system with the type changed. For these cases, just edit according to your preference.
PhotosCheck the photos. By default, they will be placed in the first imported room. You can arrange them by room, if you want to.
Internal NameThe Internal Name will be your listing's identification in the system. To edit it, access the [Descriptive Content] tab.
PricesAlso check if the imported prices all match. Remember not to leave periods without pricing so that you do not lose reservations.
Access the [Finance > Pricing Setup] option.
Derived PricesFinally, if you work with Derived Prices in the channel, check if the values were imported correctly.
Access the [Finance > General Pricing Configuration] menu.
For the prices to be imported, obligatorily, the model configured in the system must be the Pricing per Night + Discount per Length of Stay.
For Derived Prices, when starting your system configuration, don't forget to indicate in the [Pricing Structure > Pricing Setup] step that you work with this option.

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