The two factor authentication protects you from any unexpected captures of your password and, as a result, the commitment to information from your

This consists of sending a code to another device where you must apply in time on to complete your login, as a banking token for example.

Installing a validation app on your phone

On the market there are several solutions for this purpose, so you can download this on your phone from the app store.
As suggestions, there are these tools below:

After installing your app on your phone, it is time to pair the app with your from the reading via QR Code!

Integrating the authenticator app with your

The app pairing process starts from the Profile option of your registration.
You can do this from the top menu of your system, by clicking on your avatar or photo:

Advance to the end of the page and mark [Yes] on the Two Factor Authentication section.

After this section, click on the QR Code button to generate the image, point your cellphone with your app open to it and enter the code generated!

After having confirmed the code generated in your app, the process will be concluded!

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