In order to help you out in the accountability to the owners, with is possible to set the automatic reservation, forwarding. To do that, you should indicate to the system the exact moment to start the forwarding, setting the conditions regarding the reservations.

Check below how to determine the automatic triggering of the forwarding:

  1. Access the [Settings] menu;
  2. Go to [Owners > Automation] tab;
  3. Find the [When would like the system to start the automatic forwarding] section;
  4. Define the settings according to your preference.

To help you out with the setting, check what each available option means:

Setting [each reservation]

CreationThe automatic forwarding will be done considering the date the reservation was inserted on calendar.
E.g. forward the reservations 1 day after the creation.
The forwarding will be done according to the check-in date of each reservation.
E.g. forward the reservations two days after the check-in.
PaymentDefine the forwarding from the payment of the reservation. It is possible to set the percentage of the amount paid and also to what the payment is refering to.
E.g. forward the reservations that have already received 50% of the total amount of the daily rate.
StatusIt is possible to set according to the status of the reservations.
E.g. forward the reservations with the "contract" status.

Setting [in groups]

Weekly/MonthlyYou will be able to set the period in which the system will start the forwarding.
Arrival/DepartueIt is also possible to set the date of the reservation that the system will forward, that means, considering check-in or checkout date.
Days of the weekAnd, finally, you will be able to indicate until each day of the week the system will filter the reservations to be forwarded.
E.g. If the user select [weekly + check-in +sunday], the system will filter, weekly, all the reservations that have had the check-in until sunday.

You can also disable the automation for specific cases of reservations, that means, deleting the exceptions of these settings on [Do not perform automation if...] section.
These are the cases of canceled reservations, that had their check-in and checkout date or time changed, and reservations that have been moved to another listing.

Now that you already know how to set the start of the automatic forwarding, how about taking a look at other related subjects?