This material is destinated to users that do not with to disclose all listings on TemporadaLivre.
In case you are going to connect all your listings to the same price correction, go to your App Center and check No in the Connection managed by listing?
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To define the listings that will be connected to TemporadaLivre, follow the steps bellow:

  1. Access the [Channel Manager > TemporadaLivre API] menu;
  2. Access the Listings tab and choose the type of address;
  3. Locate the wanted listing and click on the screen center arrow;
  4. On the right side of the screen, superior part, click on Link;
  5. Confirm the action clicking in OK.


In case you had opted for configuring in the app center the prices per listing correction, further the Link button, you will have the field to put the price correction e save the change too!

Now that you already know how to choose the listings to be connected to TemporadaLivre, how about checking out about other related subjects?