A very important piece of information in Booking.com listings is how guests will be able to pick up the keys to the listing and validate the entry process.

This facilitates processes alignment and improves guests' stay experience, so we recommend that you adjust this on Stays.net using the paths below:

Configure a default template

Go to the [Channel Managers > Booking.com] menu and on the [Configuration] tab, you will be able to add your default template in the [How Do You Welcome Guests?] block.

It is possible to register a default template and an alternative option if necessary, in addition to adding relevant information in a free text field:

Add photos and/or customize the option per listing

When accessing the [Listings] tab of your connections panel, in the [Settings] option you will be able to choose the [Individual] option and choose the listing template.
Also, regardless of the template you choose, it is important that you add a photo to make your check-in process clearer to guests.

If you already have this configuration made in your Booking listings before connecting to Stays, we will follow the pattern you set on their portal.

If you wish to change the setting, simply change your template on Stays and we will send the updated information to your Booking.com listing.

This information will have no relation to your website and direct bookings, it is just a feature specific to the Booking.com connection.
Remember that you will be able to register specific check-in instructions for Airbnb as well!
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