By default, your website comes with an area to search listings for reservation and the default is to have images in slideshow being projected as a background, as in the example below:

If you have a video of your company or something institutional produced by your city, it is possible to replace this structure of the booking engine with images by one with video.

To do this, you should go to the [Website & Template Manager > Website Builder > Hotsites] menu and choose the [Homepage] component.

The video file size limit is 35 MB.

When you reach the homepage component of the website editor, you should do the following actions:

1Delete the [SRC- Listing search with a slider] sectionThe first step is to eliminate the structure of the images.
Just choose the component, click on [delete] and then save the changes made!
2Add the [SRC- Listing search with video] sectionClick on [Section], choose the option and put the component as the first of the list in the panel.
Save the changes made.
3Apply the video to the created sectionClick on the newly created section, choose the [Video] tab, fill in the field according to the location of your video and save the changes made.

We have an article prepared in case you are having difficulties uploading the video from YouTube and Google Drive! 
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Now that you know how to apply videos, how about moving on to more material on advanced editing for your website?