To connect your listing with Despegar through, you have a content integration solution and so you can activate the app in your menu and then follow the recommended steps to create your Despegar account and send your listings to the channel.

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Activating Despegar in the App Center

The first step for the connection with Despegar is going to the [App Center > Channels] menu of your, find the Despegar app and activate it, as in the image below:

This will create a new menu in your system, called Channel Managers > Despegar, so just access there and follow the connection steps.

The activation process of the Despegar App Center may take between 2 to 3 minutes to create the menu on your in some cases, so please wait a few minutes before proceeding to the next section indicated in the article.

Connection Steps with Despegar

When accessing the Channel Managers > Despegar menu you must complete the steps below to complete your registration and connection with Despegar:

1Request the partnership with DespegarIn the Account tab, click on Link new account, fill in the requested information and start your process with Despegar through Stays!SEE DETAILS
2Check your e-mail and accept the Terms and ConditionsYou will receive an e-mail from Despegar asking you to accept the Terms and Conditions of the partnership.
3Configure your channel manager on StaysYou must indicate important information about the flow of bookings, policies, fee charging and other important connection details between the platforms.SEE DETAILS
4Create your listingsIn the [Listings] tab of your Despegar channel manager on Stays, it will possible to create your products on Despegar based on what you have already registered on your Stays!SEE DETAILS
5Create your Business Name on the Despegar portalAfter your listings have been created, they will go through a validation by the Despegar team and, once everything is OK, you will receive the Business Name and one e-mail with more instructions to proceed with the publication of your listings on the channel.
6Publish your Despegar listings through StaysAfter creating your Business Name on the Despegar portal, go to your Stays channel manager and publish your listings to complete the process!
Your listings will be visible on the Despegar portal on the next business day in relation to their publication date.