Leader in the Latin America travel market, Despegar is one of the main channels available for connection through Stays.net. In this article, you will find the most frequently asked questions about listings on the channel.

Temporarily, the API connection with Despegar is only available for listings located in Brazil.

Do I need to have a Legal Entity (CNPJ for Brazil) to advertise on the channel?

No, you are able to advertise as Natural Person or as Legal Entity. See the required documents to register.

Is there a minimum number of listings to connect to Despegar?

You only need one listing to connect.

What is the commission amount charged by Despegar?

The commission charged is 15% of the total amount of the reservation, including the fees.

Is my listing's content also connected to Despegar?

Yes. If you change the created listing via Stays, the new content is automatically updated on Despegar.

Can I edit the description of my Despegar listings?

Yes. Besides the descriptive content, we also connect amenities, photos and bed settings - you can edit all these items.

Where will my listing connected with Despegar be displayed?

In all the Despegar group website - Decolar, Despegar, BestDay, Viajes Falabella, Viajanet and the channel B2B HotelDO. Learn more.

Will the rate registered on Stays be sent to the channel?

Yes. The information will be sent to Despegar right after your changes are confirmed on Stays.

Will reservations made on Despegar arrive on Stays calendar?

Yes. You will receive the full information of your reservations.

Will Stays calendar be sent to Despegar calendar?

Yes. The information will be sent to Despegar right after your changes are made on Stays.

Does Stays send check-in and checkout restrictions to Despegar?

Yes. This information is sent once a day to Despegar.

Does Stays send additional fees to be charged?

Yes, just link the fees on the settings of your Stays Despegar channel manager. Despegar includes these fees at the time of the reservation on the channel, so it is not necessary to charge guests during the stay. 

Does Stays send the fee I charge for additional guests?


Does Stays send the cancellation policies to Despegar?

Yes, just link the policies in the settings of your Stays Despegar channel manager.

Does Stays send my Last Minute policies to Despegar?

No. If you want to configure Last Minute policies on the channel, it is necessary to contact Despegar.

How will the guest be charged for the reservation amount?

Despegar will charge the total amount of the reservation to the guest. After that, when accessing the reservation's page on your system, you will be able to see the number of a virtual credit card issued by the channel. From this virtual card, charge the guest at the time of check-in through typed sales.

Can I advertise listings per category (e.g. standard, deluxe, basic, etc.)?

Yes, you just need to register your listings via vertical rate groups on Stays.

Can I cancel a Despegar reservation using Stays.net?

No, because the channel has a 0% cancellation policy, so cancellations occur only in special cases after the analysis of Despegar team.

How can I communicate with Despegar guests?

Guests email and phone number will arrive on your Stays.net reservation page.

Does Despegar accept instant booking?

Yes. By default, the channel works only with instant bookings.

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