In banking transactions, it is common for some fees to be charged that affect the total amount received or paid to your business.

From the transaction screen of the financial module, you can apply these amounts, so that your balance is in line with the amount actually received.

To apply a fee in relation to the transaction amount, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the [Finance] menu and choose between [Payable Accounts] or [Receivable Accounts];
  2. Find your transaction in the central panel;
  3. Click on [details];
  4. In the final part of the screen, when confirming the receipt or payment, fill in the desired fields;
  5. Save the change made at the bottom right of the page.
The [Penalty/Fees] field increases the original transaction amount and the [Discounts/Tax] field decreases the original amount (example above)

By making these fee posts, you ensure that your financial routine has the results according to the amount you actually paid or received, already deducting the fees.

This action will not affect other areas of, such as the reservation page for the case of bank transfers.

Check out the example below in images:

Reservation Page
Bank Fee Posting
Financial Result Screens

Now that you already know how to apply bank fees to your transactions, how about checking out other features of the financial module for the Agency plan?