When managing your listings via Stays panel, on the [Content > Type] tab, you will have the [Commercial Priority] field to set the priority level that the listing should get in the search results of the website and during the preparation of making reservation offers:

This can be used if you need to improve the commercial performance of some listings in your portfolio or even to market "partnership packages" or "ranking improvements" with your owners, for example.

The relation between commercial priority and reservation offers

When making reservation offers, listings with high commercial priority will appear as the first results on the screen, and you can check them out, like the example below:

Website search results

Regarding website results, for guests, this rule will be hidden from the public, but if you use the website with your system administrator credentials, you can check the commercial priority of the listing as well, to check how the prioritization works.

If the commercial priority of the listings is the same, the second prioritization criterion is the listing calendar. That is, if the search is for 01/01 to 01/04, the listings that have this gap in the calendar will be presented with priority over those with more empty spaces, so you will continue to be available to receive reservations with longer stays.