In some day-to-day financial routines, it may be necessary for you to add credits or debits to the [Owner Statements] in order to adjust the correct amount for the forwarding of owner reservations.

A good example for this is when a split reservation comes to your the forwarding module will take into account the total amount of the stay, but you will need to align the owner's balance of the two listings involved.

To create a direct transaction to the owner, follow the path below:

  1. Access the [Finance > Owner Statements] menu;
  2. Click on [New Transaction];
  3. Select the [Transactions for owners] option;
  4. Fill in the requested information, remembering that debit discounts the owner's amount and credit, adds;
  5. Save the changes made at the lower left side of the page.

In case of alignments of reservations forwarding, you can add the [Public note] field to explain more details to the owners, if necessary.

After this action, you will have a posting in your [Owner Statements] and will be able to add the posting in the forwarding balance setup, without compromising the balance of your Stays accounts in the financial dashboard!

Now that you know how to post transactions to owners, check out more details on the subject.
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