CasaTemporada is a listing divulgation platform that aims to help managers and real estate to offer their listings to a larger audience, since the channel is aimed at optimizing results in the search tools on the internet.

According to the data presented by CasaTemporada, the channel has an audience of 200 thousand users per month in their portal and the listings page view reached the 1 million mark per month.

By connecting with the channel, you will have a platform for trading with your guests, having the freedom to negotiate with guests regarding prices, cancellation policies and payment methods.

The channel does not charge commission per reservation, as it is not an online reservation platform, so you have more control in relation to the cost of the channel which, according to CEO Thiago Braz, follows this pricing policy:

Annual Listings Packs
Price Charged (Monthly Fees)
Pack up to 10 listingsR$ 199.00
Pack up to 20 listingsR$ 299.00
Pack up to 30 listingsR$ 399.00
More than 30 listingsYou should contact CasaTemporada to consult the price.
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For partners, a free 30-day trial period is provided, with no contract commitment and you will be able to send your listings simply from our app center.

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