has in the Financial module a panel separated by payment channel and, with that, it is possible to check all transactions imported from each payment platform.

If you find any Stays transaction imported from a Payment Channel that you do not recognize, you can remove it from your audit through the path below:

  1. Access the [Finance > Finance Dashboard] menu;
  2. Select the desired Payment Channel;
  3. Filter the time period to find the desired transaction;
  4. Upon finding your desired transaction, click on details;
  5. Then, click on Delete;
  6. Confirm your action after carefully reading the alert generated in!

In case it is a case of reversed transaction at Cielo, you must first uncheck the "Received" little box and save the transaction. Then, when accessing the transaction again, use the "Delete" option, as suggested above.

It is important to mention that this action will only take effect on the panel, so it is important that you do this only in cases where the transaction has already been canceled on the channel or if you are sure that it is a duplicate launch, for example!