To make your integration, it is important to follow this flow:

Collecting your API credentials for connection

To integrate PriceLabs to, you must follow the stages bellow:

  1. Access the [App Center] menu on;
  2. Select the [Others] tab and click on PriceLabs, in the central part of the screen;
  3. Check the [Active] option on the tool;
  4. Click on [+] to integrate your account;
  5. Put a referral name in your account;
  6. Copy the login and password to use in PriceLabs;
  7. Click [Save] at the top on the right side of the screen.

Write down your login and password acquired in the flow above, as PriceLabs will ask you for this, in addition to your acronym (Stays ID) to connect to their platform.

If you still do not know your acronym, you can find it in the top menu on the right side of your system (like the example below):

Enabling the connection on PriceLabs

Now that you have the API connection information, go to your PriceLabs panel and make the following actions:

  1. Click on the blue button Add your Listings;
  2. On the suspended menu, choose the Stays option;
  3. Fill in the information collected in the previous stage and click Connect

Synchronizing PriceLabs information with

With your connection set up, go to your PriceLabs panel and define your minimum stays, arrival and departure restrictions and other information of your choice.

After finishing, click on Sync Now to send the information to!

To improve your use of PriceLabs, be sure to check out the materials they provide for usage tips! (click here for more information)

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