Knowing the Vrbo Price Consistency program

This is a Vrbo initiative to improve the guests experience of the Vrbo platform, providing a prices quotation more updated, minimizing the cases where the price of the listing starts with a much lower amount and the user discovers it - throughout the purchase process - that the amount is totally different.

What benefits does the participating property manager of the program gets on Vrbo?

By participating in the Vrbo Price Consistency program, the property managers get the following benefits:

  • Increase in the conversion of Reservations on the channel;
  • Access to new Vrbo tools;
  • More market data provided by the channel in your Extranet (MarketMaker);
  • Access to performance optimization tools of your listings (Boost);
  • Greater visibility in the Expedia Group's sales channels (in case you meet other criteria as well).

How do I make my listings to be eligible for this Vrbo program?

Just follow the connection steps that we suggest in the Vrbo flow, as this already guarantees the alignment of information between your Stays prices and VRBO's.

To review, check out the items in the table below:

Relate your Stays fees to VrboOne of the main Vrbo points is the additional fees that cause variation in your trading prices.
In your Stays channel manager settings you can relate your fees to the channel's and this guarantees values aligned both when importing reservations and when advertising the listings in the Vrbo portal.
Register the House RulesOne of the most searched information by Vrbo guests is about pets, smokers, minimum age to book, people maximum occupancy and if parties and events are accepted.
All these information you can configure in your listings, mainly in [Content > House Rules].
Relate the cancellation policies to Vrbo's
About the cancellation policies, Vrbo asks that the listings follow the standard of the channels and, therefore, in the settings of your Stays channel manager you can relate your models to the existing ones in the channel.
Register a Rent Contract in your Vrbo listings
This content will be made available in PDF to the Vrbo users during the reservation process.
You can insert the content in your Stays channel manager settings and our recommendation is to insert your Terms and Conditions, adapting some points to suit Vrbo policies.
In case you already have listings registered on Vrbo before the connection with and they are already in the Price Consistency program, just validate if these points are already aligned in your so as not to misalign the registration of your content on the channel.

Now that you already know how to participate in the Vrbo Price Consistency program with your listings, how about checking out other related subjects?