When using the pricing per period model, it is possible to set up base rate structures for your listings, guiding by the minimum number of nights in common and the discount policy as the guests stay longer.
With this, you will be able to adjust your minimum of nights of the period in a central panel and this action will already be replicated to all the listings linked to this rule, resulting in fewer daily maintenance actions.

This model is indicated to users with little variation between the listings and that have well defined the Low and High Season policy throughout the year.
For a more flexible model with minimum of nights and daily rates, we recommend using the pricing per night model, length of stay discount.
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To register your prices in setup per period model, follow the steps below:

1Enable the feature in the General SettingsGo to the [Settings > General Settings] menu and in the price model field, select the [Pricing per period] option to begin your settings.SEE DETAILS
2Define pricing rule setsFrom the region tool you can set up different rates calendar patterns.
Ideal for those with units in different regions with a varied tourist calendar.
If that is not your case, skip to step 3.
3Register at least one basic rule (season)Season is the base level of prices, so every day on your calendar must be tied to a rule!
If you repeat the structure of seasons in relation to the minimum of nights, create only one and proceed to the next steps!
4Choose the region of your listingsOnly do this if you registered regions in step 2!
Access the pricing setting of your listings and choose in the region field which rates calendar the product follows.
5Create price links between listingsIf you have a price line that applies to multiple products, it is possible to set up a permanent price cloning.
The products remain independent, but the prices will always follow the pattern of one of the group's listings.
6Register prices in listingsGo to the main listings page and register the daily rates in the structures you set up in step 2.SEE DETAILS
7Clone your original rulesAfter you have registered your basic rules and inserted the prices in the listings, you can easily inform the rates with a few clicks!SEE DETAILS

Remember that the recommended thing is to keep the prices registered for an average period between 12 to 18 months in relation to the current date, so do not forget to make periodic maintenance on your rates!