For clients who have other partners working with, we indicate the Stays Alliance as a simpler connection tool, since there is integration of prices, availability and other additional features. However, there are two alternative paths to this type of connection:

iCal Connection In this type of connection, you will need to register your partner's listings in the system.
From there, they must provide you with an iCal calendar link, where they record their reservations and blocked periods in their listing, and you, in turn, must enter this same link in your system.
They will also be able to access the listing from the owner's extranet, however the rate update must always be done manually.
Booking WizardThis tool is available in the Administrator and Agency plans.
With this feature, you will be able to provide your partner with a code for them to insert on their website.
This code will cause their website visitor who does a search to book the listing to be redirected to your website to make the reservation.
The tool has a "tracking" feature, so it is possible to track these cases.

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