Is it necessary to have a Brazilian CNPJ (National Register of Legal Entities) to advertise on the channel?

Yes, it is.

Is there a minimum number of listings to connect to Vrbo?

Yes, it is. It is necessary to have at least five listings with kitchen included. Besides, it is important to have a payment channel that allows transactions in foreign currencies, such as Stripe.

What is the commission amount charged by the channel?

Vrbo charges 5% on rent and mandatory fees, however this amount can vary

Will my listing content also be connected to Vrbo?

Yes, it will. Stays sends the main information of your listings, such as prices and availability. 

Can I edit my Vrbo listings description via Stays?

Yes, you can. Vrbo queries this information with Stays every few hours, therefore the change is not immediate.

Where will my listing connected to Vrbo be displayed?

Altogether, there are 23 global websites.

Will the rates registered on Stays be sent to the channel?

Yes, they will.

Will reservations made on Vrbo get on Stays calendar?

Yes, they will.

Will Stays calendar be sent to Vrbo calendar?

Yes, it will.

Does Stays send check-in and checkout restrictions to Vrbo calendar?

Yes, it does. Updating is handled by the Vrbo import routine.

Does Stays send additional fees to be charged?

Yes, it does. But before connecting, you must edit Vrbo settings on Stays.

Does Stays send the fee I charge per additional guest?

Yes, it does. You just need to set a fixed amount on your listing settings.

Does Stays send cancellation policies to Vrbo?

Yes, it does. You must set up the model per listing or global on Stays and then link the model to the most compatible Vrbo option.

How is the reservation amount charged to the guest?

You can choose between two charging models during your registration on the channel.  In both cases, part of the amount will be charged by Vrbo (service fee).

Am I able to advertise listings by category (e.g., standard, deluxe basic, etc.)?

Yes, you are. You just set up rate groups on Stays and enable this feature on Vrbo settings.

Can I cancel a Vrbo reservation via Stays?

Yes, you can, as long as you accept Vrbo cancellation policies.

How can I get in touch with Vrbo guest via Stays?

You can send emails via reservation page or automatically, as well as the option to send a message via WhatsApp.

Does the channel accept instant reservation?

Yes, it does. The channel supports instant and non-instant reservation. For non-instant, you must pay attention to the response time given to the host.

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