One of the practices in the vacation rental market is to announce the entire place and, at the same time, just announce rooms from this place. It makes sense for houses with multiple rooms or apartments with more than two rooms that look for an alternative hosting target audience.

What you find in this article

Creating or setting listings

To set up the listing of the entire space and rooms as options, follow the steps below:

  1. Register an independent listing to be the entire house or apartment: this will be the standard listing. All bedrooms must be rooms and the listing must focus on renting the entire property.
    It is necessary to register the entire house separately from the individual rooms, as some channels use the units to calculate the total number of people accommodated in various listings, creating conflict;
  2. Register the place with many listings representing the house: this listing must describe the space where the rooms are located and possible services of common use to all, such as kitchen and lobby;
  3. Register the rooms as listings of the location: the rooms must be registered on the [Property & Listings] tab of the address created in the previous step.
Registering an entire house and rooms as a separate listing in the same location may cause conflicts, as some sales channels add up the maximum capacity of all units and sell the reservation to groups.
Please create the house in one location and the rooms in another location to avoid conflicts.
About connection with channels, we recommend connecting the listing in which the house is the location and the rooms are within the location.

How to integrate the listing's calendar

It is a very important step, as it guarantees the communication of the calendars. It prevents conflicting reservations, that is, having a guest that made a reservation of the entire space in the same period where there are guests that made a reservation only of one of the rooms. The solution is the iCal Connection, however it is necessary that you follow the steps according to your reservations routine.

If the entire house is the most wanted

Export your house calendar for each of the rooms. By doing that, the room listings will be blocked according to a new reservation of the entire house.

Access [Distribution > iCal] on your listings' page and copy the iCal links. Access the link of each room and import the house calendar. The result will be similar to this one:In this option, when the entire house is rented, the blocking prevents the room listings from being rented independently. 

If the option per room is the most wanted

Export the calendar of each room to the house. By doing that, if one of the rooms is reserved, the entire house can receive reservations to the period. 

Access [Distribution > iCal] on the house page and copy the iCal link. Access the link of the house and import all the calendars of the rooms. The result must be similar to the following one: In this option, when one of the rooms is rented, the blocking prevents that the entire house from being rented on the sales channels

If your listing receives more reservations on the rooms than on the entire place, when the listings have the same type of services, check out the Vertical Rate Groups feature!

Important information

  • The iCal connection has a 30-minute period to sync calendar information.
    If your listing is popular in sales channels, we recommend making manual blocks to avoid unexpected reservations.
  • On calendar connections with Stays listings, only blocks and reservations will be imported. Settings such as "preparation time", "early arrivals blocks" or "late departures" for example, will not be imported into the connection.