Before proceeding with reading this article, it is important that you know the concept below:

Having your own domain is essential for your website to advance, and that is why we will give you some tips to get you going with your domain purchase, which is a step to be taken autonomously.

Does Stays recommend a specific partner?

We leave the choice of the desired tool to our partner, but if you are starting to read about it, here are some tool options.
It is worth remembering that each tool has its pros and cons and we recommend that you look in detail at the information provided by these companies.
See below some examples of companies, among the many others that exist:

Prioritize tools that offer email hosting included, so that you will already solve two configuration steps in just one tool.

How do I proceed with purchasing a domain?

Each tool will have its own flow, but as GoDaddy is one of the tools most used by our partners, we will put here the purchase sequence made on their website.
Use this flow as a basis to let you know the process and, even if it is another tool, the concepts should be very similar:

1Check domain availabilityYour domain is your own identity, so it is unique.
The first step is to check if there is already a domain with the name you want.
2Analyze results and pricesIf the domain is available, GoDaddy will already offer you plan options.
The next step would be to select your domain extension (e.g. .br, .tur, .com).
3Complete your registrationTo complete your purchase on GoDaddy, you must fill in your details.
Create your password and set the desired period to keep your domain registration.
You will be able to select a period between 1 to 10 years and the renewal varies from website to website.
4Pay for your domainIn addition to registering the information, you must pay a registration fee for your domain.
From that confirmation, your domain will be active.
You will be able to pay through credit card or bank slip.

Now that you know how to buy your domain, how about reading more about domain migration?