When using the API connection between Stays.net and Airbnb, when importing the reservations made on the platform to your reservations center, the total amount of the reservation will be entered as follows on your Stays.net:

What will the total amount of the reservation be?

The reservation will have as the total amount the same total amount that the guest paid to Airbnb and this will appear as credits in the menu [Finance > Payable Accounts].
By default, two credits will be posted in the screen:

This measure is for the guest to have aligned data (e.g. invoices, email communications, etc.) between your Stays.net and Airbnb.

Airbnb service fee

The Airbnb service fee is a recipe exclusive to the channel, however, on your Stays.net reservation page, it will arrive as credit as well, as it was an amount paid by the guest to book the listing, as we saw in the previous item.
To align your accounting routine, this same amount will be a debit, as the fee is for Airbnb and not for your business:

As postings are always canceled (the final balance is BRL 0,00), to optimize the view of your transactions, Stays.net will hide these postings by default, but if you want to see them in the screen, just check the little box below in the additional filters from your receipts screen:

In summary, when connecting through API with Airbnb, you will not have to worry about the routine of posting reservation receipts or about your financial control!