The fixed percentage commission model is the most common one used in the vacation rental market.
In this model, the administrator earns a percentage of the total amount of the reservation (with or without deductions) or other amounts referring to the reservation.
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From the total amount of the listing invoiceIn this model, the night fee total and future re fees will form the total to be divided between you and your owners.
Some examples of fees are the charging of check-in in advance and late checkout or cleaning fees linked to the listing invoice.
From the night fee totalThis option applies to businesses where only the total daily rate amount, in its final version for the guest, is the basis for calculation.
With this, the charging of additional hosting fees, such as out-of-hours arrivals and departures, for example, will not be considered in the calculation.
From the total invoice amountThis model applies to businesses where the owner will receive for all services commercialized during the stay.
This will include the daily rates total (final version), future additional taxes and fees and extra services posted on the reservation page.