's financial module for the Agency version comes with all the features in order to help you in different areas of your business.

Check out the list of available features below:

Reservation receipt managementCheck your reservaitons with open receipts and post transactions on the reservation page.
Bank account registrationYou will be able to control the balance of each bank account, make internal transfers and provide the guest on the website with an option to guarantee reservations through bank transfers.SEE DETAILS
Creating cash boxesSet up cash receipt boxes for your team members and have greater control over your financial routine.SEE DETAILS
Transfer of reservations to ownersWith, you will be able to control the transfer status of reservations and even generate control reports from your [Reservation Center] menu.SEE DETAILS
Financial dashboard viewYou will have the complete view of the financial dashboard which, in addition to the ease to view the balance of each cash account and bank account, in the Agency version, you will be able to make a cash projection!SEE DETAILS
Configure your chart of accountsFrom the [Finance > Auxiliaries > Chart of Accounts] screen you will be able to register your accounting structure and, with that, you will be able to relate the transactions to the appropriate position.
The focus of this feature is the [Accounts Statements] screen, which will allow you to analyze the accounting positions.
Costs centersIn addition to the chart of accounts, you will be able to register different costs centers and have one more filter to search for the sources of your business expenses.SEE DETAILS
Internal transfersYou will be able to record the actions between your cash accounts and bank accounts and, with this, have full control over the balance of each record on your!SEE DETAILS
Accounts payable managementRegister your business expenses and have complete control over your payments calendar.SEE DETAILS
Posting extra receiptsIn addition to the option to post reservation receipts, you will be able to post and manage other types of receipts of your business.SEE DETAILS

Now that you have checked out the features available in the financial module in the Agency version of, how about checking the onboarding tips?