A user of your Stays.net database usually registers from your website or through manual creation in your administrative panel.

When the registration is done through the website, the user is automatically registered as a guest, while when the registration is manual, they have no role.

This action also applies to owners. 
When registration is done through the website, your team needs to validate the registration and give access to the owner's extranet.
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To configure these new users, just follow the steps below:

  1. Access the [Users & Clients > Users] menu;
  2. Uncheck the [Only company members] option on the left side;
  3. Click on [Search];
  4. Find the user and click on the "arrow" icon on the right side;
  5. In [Permissions > Backend Permissions], mark the [Yes] option;
  6. In the first column, check the [Roles] and choose the desired roles;
  7. Then, in the second column [Operational Areas Relation], choose the desired options;
  8. Save the information.
During the configuration process there is also the [Work shift] field. Its completion is optional and serves for cleaning team collaborators.
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