Before proceeding with the reading of this article, it is important that you already know the concept below:

Permissions are small rules for accessing Stays components, so that your users' access levels are customized according to your preferences.
A set of permissions is what forms the roles, which are the access levels of your Stays users.

To edit a role's permissions you must follow the steps below:

  1. Access the [Users & Clients > Auxiliaries > Roles & Permissions] menu;
  2. In the roles panel, copy a base role from Stays or select a custom role you already have on your system;
  3. On the right side of the screen, click on the gray blocks to display the permission items;
  4. Check the little boxes of the items you want to enable the feature for the function.
For any access involving Stays internal screens, be sure to check the admin.section.view permission, because without this your users will not even be able to access the internal screens of!