The management of Vrbo reservations on is done in the traditional way, like a regular reservation in your calendar.

You can locate your reservations via the Reservation Center > Find Reservation panel or, using the internal reservation locator, via the Quick Search tool.

In this access, besides checking out information regarding the reservation, it is possible to perform the following actions :

Charge reservations with credit card data 
Vrbo will send the data from the credit card that the guest have provided and you will be able to charge via Stripe typed sale, for example, if your country is compatible.
Ask for the cancellation of the reservation 
If the credit card data is not valid or the guest requested the cancellation, it is possible to start the action via Stays screen.
In addition, for other types of cancellation it is also possible, but be careful not to have a high number of cancellation because that affects the performance.
Regarding other actions such as listing reallocation, value contest and other Vrbo information, you need to contact Vrbo team.

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