After you have connected your listings between and Booking, when accessing the connection panel in [Channel Managers > > Listings] you will see your listings connected and a label on the side, with terms in English, as in the example below:

This information serves to update you on the commercial status of your listing on So it is worth knowing a little more about it!

What you find in this article

During the creation of a Booking listing through Stays

It is common for you to find these 2 commercial statuses next to your listings:

XML: Being builtThe listing is under construction on Booking.
At the end of the process, you will have messages in yellow with the [restricted] prefix and you will be able to click on the [Open Calendar] button to start the verification with Booking.
XML: Open / bookableThe team will validate your listing information.
On average, this takes 1 hour, but as an official deadline, it is considered up to 24 hours.
After validation, your listing will be open and available on the channel!
It is time to sell reservations!
If you want to know more about how to create listings on Booking from the Stays channel manager, check out our material below!
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Managing listings already connected to Stays

The most common status in your listings in the channel manager will be [Open / bookable], as they are connected and open for booking in the channel.

However, other statuses may appear on the screen according to your business situation on Booking, some channel criteria or some action you have done (e.g. closing calendars).

To stay on top of the statuses, check out this guide table with more tags and general tips:

Auto closed (availability)Booking closed it due to lack of prices or availability.Check your prices, if your calendars have too many unavailable dates or if the listing unit needs to be connected.
Remember that you should connect only when you have prices registered on Stays!
Closed (requested by hotel)The hotel was closed directly by the customer or by Booking support.In this type of status, you can only open it through the Booking extranet itself.
XML  Auto closed contentHotel automatically closed by Booking because the content has been changed in a way that it is no longer approved by the channel criteria.Have you made any recent content changes on Stays?
Tell us your listing number and if you made a change through so we can investigate why!
XML: Hotel is DuplicateThe hotel was closed as the channel identified another hotel identical to this one in your base.In this case, it is necessary to check with the local Booking support, as it is a duplicated registration of the establishment.

The status update of Booking properties occurs on Stays whenever you choose a listing in the connection panel and within a period of hours, if you do not access the panel.
If you want to confirm that the status is in real time, it is also possible to manually sync.
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Now that you already know about the commercial status of the listings on, how about checking out more details about the connection?