In order to connect a listing to your, you must have registered the equivalent product on your account, and, most importantly, the connection to Stays Channel Manager must be activated on your Extranet.

This connection activation is essential for your information to be transmitted and received between the two platforms!

What you find in this article

How to start the process?

The connection request to our Channel Manager must be done by you in your Extranet.
There are 05 steps to activate your connection to Stays Channel Manager. However, in the initial fase, you just need to get to step 3!

  • Step 1 - Choose Stays Channel Manager on the list of channels
    Important: You must select the Content connection option, otherwise it will not be possible to complete the connection to Stays!
  • Step 2 - Acept the Terms e Conditions
  • It is ready! Now it is up to team!

I need help

What should do?

After your inicial action, when you get to Step 3, we will receive an email with your request.

As soon as possible, a team member will approve your request and will get to Step 4!

How to finish the connection process?

After the approval by the team, go to your Extranet and confirm the connection.

This will be enough to make your listing ready to proceed with the connection to!

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