SEO is a feature used in many websites with the goal of simplifying the users search on the internet.

The idea is to pass on to these search services the content present on your page and, thus, position your page as the main result in the largest possible type of searches in order to generate an access on the page without the need to pay advertisement (organic searches).

To configure an SEO, three pieces of information are needed:

Static page titleIt is the title of your page.
Must be engaging content of no more than 60 characters to entice the user to view the content preview.
DescriptionIt is a complement to your page title.
It serves to base the title of the page and motivate the user to access your page.
It should normally be short and objective content with the central idea of the page and should contain a maximum of 270 characters.
KeywordsIt does not appear to the end user, but it is an important part for search engines.
The ideal is to use up to 8 words separated by commas that are related to the content of your page.
An example of keywords: stays, software, PMS, CRM, rent, season, channel, manager.

Your changes on will take a few days to be applied in the search engine and, moreover, usually the results with SEO are noticed after a medium term, as it depends on indexes such as traffic on the page, content relevance and several other factors.

Now that you know what SEO means and how it can help your business, how about checking their configuration panels on your