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Setting the standard departure time

To set the standard time for your guests departures, access the [Settings > Reservation Settings > Arrivals and Departures] menu. In the [Departure Settings] section, enter the time slot at not additional cost and save the changes.

The [End] field marks the time limit for departures at no additional cost and the [Start] marks the start of the allowed departure time.

Based on the image above, the standard check-out time would be at 11am.

In case you also accept departures after the standard time at no additional cost, just mark the [Yes] option in the [Do you charge for late departures?] field and set the fee to "0", as shown in the example:

The image above indicates that the listings would accept guest departures between 6am and 10pm.

Configuring standard time per listing

In case you need to configure a different departure time per listing, access the listing page and click on the [Distribution > Reservation Settings] tab. Find the [Departure] section.

Just click on the [Individual] button, enter the desired setting and save the changes.

By clicking on the [Global] button it will also be possible to see the preview of the setting that was applied to the global model of the system.

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