By changing the check-in or checkout time of a reservation for a time beyond the standard of your business, the system will block the calendar. See the example below:

It ensures that you will not receive unwanted reservations from sales channels and have a secure calendar. 

Enabling settings

Access [Settings > Reservations > Preparation time]. On the [Do you want to block your calendar on nights before check-ins in advance or after late checkouts?] field, select [Yes] and save the changes.

This behavior happens when the preparation time for the next stay is shorter than your standard check-in and checkout. To avoid these cases is to work with a policy that gives some trading margin for eventual extensions of stays.

Setting the policy per listing

To enable a different behavior per listing, just access the listing's page and click on [Distribution > Reservation settings > Preparation time]. Select the [Individual] button, change the settings and save it.

The [Global] button shows the settings preview applied on the global model of the system. 

In this case, the system disregards the standard check-in and checkout time policy and will accept reservations on the sales channels even if there is a late checkout on the check-in day of the new reservation or an earlier check-in the next day (if the checkout of the new reservation is the next day as well).