"Master" and "slave" accommodations are generated from the Price Groups setup on your Stays.net, either Vertical or Horizontal.

See below the function of each:

Master Accommodation

They are responsible for sending prices to other accommodations of the Price Group.

In the case of creating OTA listings from the content connection, the Vertical Price Group master will be the content base of the listing as well.

You can check out a Master accommodation through the "Master" label next to the [Sale Price] tab of the Listing Page or in the Channel Managers panel.

Slave Accommodation

Slave Accommodations are the ones that receive the rates of master listings.

When connecting listings content to OTAs in Vertical Price Groups, these accommodations will only be units that complete the full availability of the room category.

You can check a slave accommodation from the [General Configuration] option on the [Sale Price] tab of your Listing Page.