If you have products that follow the same price structure in relation to the daily rates and are sold independently, you can link the listings where you just need to edit the daily rates in an "A" listing and the change will already be applied to other linked products.

Practical example:
All of my 1-bedroom listings follow the same daily rate, even though they are in different locations.

In this case, you will only need to register the daily rates prices in one of the listings and then go to the others to configure the rates cloning process.

For more details, check the information below:

How to copy the prices of a listing?From the listing page, [Finance > General Prices Configuration] menu, [Import prices from] option.SEE DETAILS
How is the relation of prices after doing this?It is possible to make cloning permanent, where whenever the parent listing has price editing, the change arrives in the dependent listings or the importation only now model, where it is just a copy and paste action, but future changes will not be applied.
What is the difference between this copy and rate regions?Rate region is a feature of the advanced pricing setup.
Rate region relates only to the structure of rate plans and not to the daily rates.