counts on different client profiles and for each of them the tool meets some market needs.

See below some client profiles and how the tool contributes to the growth:

I want to have more listings 

I want more channels to advertise
By affiliating with the Stays Alliance, you are more likely to serve more types of audience (e.g. listing categories, regions served, etc.), in addition to having a greater offer in periods of high demand to maximize the period's revenues and finally, even to have more alternatives to manage cases where operational unforeseen events occurred.
The Stays Alliance appears as a complement to conventional sales channels such as Booking, Airbnb or even through partnership with acquaintances.
You will be able to create a profile of your business and enter the list of affiliates. This puts you on the radar of other businesses interested in capturing listings, so you will have more channels to advertise your listings!

E-commerce specialists

Tourism operators 
The Stays Alliance has different business profiles. From this tool, you can develop your website and have as content base the products of other Stays Alliance affiliates!
The integration of rates and availability is done automatically, as well as questions of commissioning, operation of reservations and other routines that will be defined during the configuration of the partnership.

Stays Alliance counts on a portfolio with different types of listings, ranging from "bed & breakfast" to luxury listings for the season.
Regardless of the profile, members seek more space in the market, therefore, you will have a good chance of making partnerships at much more competitive fees than those found in traditional GDSs.
In addition, when you join the community, you will have a website and tools to help you set up reservation offers.

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