When using the Stays.net booking forwarding module, it is possible to generate a document of owner statements to the owner.

One of the options is that, from the [Owner Statements] screen, it is possible to send the items by email in PDF format.

Stays.net counts on a default content according to the template below:

Subject: [Name of your business] | The accounting of your listing [public name of the listing]

Hi, [full name of the owner],

Attached is the accounting report on the listing [public name of the listing], located in [listing address - street, number, neighborhood and city].

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


[name of your business]

The generated PDF document can have its format edited from HTML code so just send us your template to sac@stays.com.br.

To edit the content of this default email, simply go to the [Website & Template Manager > Template > E-mail Templates] menu and choose the owner send ownerstatement template.