To organize your collaborators payment routine, the ideal is to do the following steps:

1Register the type of expense in your chart of accountsEnter the accounting items referring to the different types of remunerations that a collaborator can have.
An example is the registration of the "salary" account, one for "transportation vouchers", another for "meal ticket" and one for "commissions", for example.
This will help you generate accounting reports on different screens of!
2Register your collaborators as suppliersBy inserting your collaborators as suppliers of, you will be able to relate expenses to your team members and thus generate future reports, such as, for example, how much you spent on commissions over a period or how much a particular collaborator has earned throughout the entire employment relationship.SEE DETAILS
3Register the transactionsAs they are expenses that repeat every month, it is possible to post the expenses as recurring transactions and so you will already have the payment reminder in your accounts payable panel, being only necessary to adjust the amount of the accounts with variable amount.SEE DETAILS