The tab [Confirmed Reservations] is used to present the Owners a projection of the amounts to receive on Reservations. .
When you start the Reservations Forwarding, it automatically enters the Owner's payment list and its status will change as you post the Forwarding payments in the system.

Bellow is an example of the [Confirmed Reservations] tab and indications of the information that is available:

Owner Statement Status
The information marked in purple indicates the general status of the owners forwarding. 
As in the example above, this transaction is "pending", which means that the full amount of the forwarding or part of it has not yet been confirmed.
Other possible status is "open", when no amount is released, and "complete", when the full amount is posted by the manager.
TotalThe information in blue indicates the total amount the owner should receive for the reservation, that means, the total amount of the forwarding. On the example above, the total is R$366.42.
This information indicates what has already been posted to the owner in the forwarding routine. In the example, in green, the amount of R$200.00 is available to the owner.
PendingThe last field, in yellow, indicates the amount that has not yet been posted to the owner, that is, the remaining amount to complete the total amount that must be forwarded. In the example above, the pending amount is R$166.42.

In addition to tracking credit entries, Owners will have the [details] button, indicated by the red arrow in the image above, which will present further information about the Reservation in question:

It is worth mentioning that is possible to manage which information will or will not be displayd to the owners, according to the information above highlighted in red.
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