When creating your promotional codes from the [Offers & Promotions > Promotional Codes] menu of your Stays.net, you will have a basic configuration block with the essential information for a large-scale action and, if you wish, there are blocks with advanced configurations where you will need to activate and configure what you want:

To learn more about the available options and usage examples, see the table below:

Usage Examples
Practical Example
UsabilitySet the period of validity of the code or restrict the days of the week that the reservation must have.- Coupon valid for the month of January;

- Discounts valid only for stays between Tuesday and Friday;

- Valid only for the first 50 guests;

- Action limited to 3 reservations per user
Coupon valid for the month of January.
CalendarDefine the period of stays for reservations or the period for arrivals and departures.- Promotion valid only for reservations of more than 5 nights;

- Promotion valid only for reservations arriving between 08/01 to 08/09.
Promotion valid only for reservations with duration longer than 5 nights.
ProductDefine the products of your promotional action.
It is possible via listing group or number of rooms.
- Promotion valid only for 2 bedroom properties;

- Promotion valid only for "bronze" category properties;

- Promotion is not valid for products A, B and C.
Promotion does not apply to listings in condominium XXX.
UserChoose who will be the users of the promotional action or define guest profiles for loyalty.- From the 5th reservation, get 50% discount;

- Letter of credit for future reservations;

- Personalized negotiation with guests.
Letter of credit for future reservations.

Now that you know about the advanced restrictions when setting up a promotional code on Stays, how about seeing more details about the topic?