In the integration with, you can get transactions via international credit cards, Pix and bank splits, in addition to counting on the marketplace solution. Check out the main questions about the channel.

How can I register on the channel?

There are two registration models: e-commerce, for businesses without forwarding amounts to a third party, and marketplace, focused on businesses with forwarding amounts to a third party. You must have a VAT number. 

Which technical information is necessary to integrate to Stays?

You must have an API key and the encryption key. They can be generated through your portal and must be entered on the payment channel settings on your Stays system.

What is marketplace?

It is a solution developed for businesses that forward amounts to third parties, through a manual split action on the reservation page during the transaction. With typed sales, you can set which part of the amount stays on your account and which goes directly to the owner's account, for example.

Does the channel have an anti-fraud tool?

All new accounts have the anti-fraud feature integrated. That is why personal information from guests is requested during the payment.

What is Stays' responsibility for transactions on the channel?

Stays operates on the interface integration between the platforms, but the validation or not of the guests' data is entirely the responsibility of